Choosing the right topsoil for your garden is as important as the difference between flowers that bloom or flowers that die due to the lack of nutrients.
Fail to pick a good soil and all your hard labor might turn to have been for nothing.

Quality topsoil as well as mulch can be purchased from K & B Mulch and similar stores. The consistent use of a good quality mulch is an essential component for freshly planted trees and flowers to help them with insulation and retain water.

What Is Topsoil?

To understand the soil better, we should look at its primary divisions. The soil comprises two main layers:

  • Topsoil
  • Subsoil

Topsoil is rich with organic matter and microorganisms. When plants and any other organic matter die, it decays into the topsoil, thus making its nutrients abundant.

Subsoil is the layer directly beneath topsoil, and it is generally made up of clay and compressed dirt. It lacks the organic content of the topsoil and restricts the plants in their ability to utilize water and nutrients.

Why Do We Need It?

If the existing soil is poor, damaged or not there at all, topsoil is the best solution.
Topsoil may be purchased in three grades:

  • Economy
  • General purpose
  • Premium

All of these are available to purchase in bulk or bags from commercial suppliers.
When buying topsoil, make sure to check for large stones, weeds, and other foreign matter.

Many newly built homes may have poor quality soil in their back yards. Topsoil can be applied to create new beds, cover the ground, and provide a foundation for sod or grass.

A beautiful garden will always make a powerful impact on the potential buyer. Curb appeal can, in fact, make or break a property sale.
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