Tips for Improved Mulch Maintenance

Adding mulch to your landscape not only makes them look more attractive, but it can help improve your soil and make it healthier for plants, as well as keep weeds at bay.
There are a variety mulch types available ranging from pure timber mulch to exotic mulch made from products like cocoa shells, though keeping it simple and clean is the best bet for a healthy landscape.

Make Your Mulch Last Longer

Depending on how large your landscaped property is, mulching your entire property many times a year can become costly and time-consuming. The good news is that there are many ways to extend the life of your mulch, such as:

  • Apply mulch in the spring. Applying mulch to your landscape in the spring, after the ground has begun to warm, helps your mulch last longer since you’ll avoid the harsh winter weather.
  • Opt for timber mulch. Timber mulch increases durability, resistance against insects, and helps keep weeds from growing in your garden beds.
    Using a pure timber blend, such as K&B Landscape Supplies provides, also ensures you are not adding chemicals, debris, or trash into your soil.

When to Replace Your Mulch

How often you should replace your mulch depends on your climate, what type of mulch you use, how thickly you apply your mulch, and even how much you work in your garden. However, there are a couple of good indicators that it’s time to lay down a new layer of mulch.

  • Weeds are becoming more of a problem. One of the primary benefits of using mulch is that it acts as a weed barrier. If you’re finding more and more weeds popping up, it’s probably time to invest in more mulch.
  • You notice signs of decomposition. If you are using a wood mulch, you’ll see signs of the mulch naturally breaking down. These include thin white lines in the mulch as well as bare spots in your garden beds.

If you are looking to replace the mulch at your home or building, consider K&B Landscape Supplies. With more than 30 years in the business, we offer insight, impeccable customer service, and the industry’s top quality products. To learn more about how mulch can make your landscaping beds healthier, contact K&B online or at (800) 330-8816.