Pine Bark Nuggets

Pine Bark Nuggets area a popular type of mulch due to their natural resistance to decomposing and the rich, dark appearance they can provide. Although Pine Bark Nuggets may take a while to compose, when they do, they contribute valuable nutrients to surrounding plants. Pine Bark Nuggets’ capability of withholding moisture is great for keeping plants roots from drying out on a hot summer day. Pine Bark Nuggets also provide erosion protection during the rainy season.

K&B aim to create the best Pine Bark Nuggets available. We deliver mulch across eastern Central Florida and can supply your next landscape project within 24-72 hours. Quality control is something K&B Landscape Supplies, Inc. doesn’t overlook. We work hard to ensure your Pine Bark Chips are predictable and consistent, leaving your landscape looking flawless.

Florida Mulch Wholesalers

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