Designer Brown Mulch

Brown Mulch

Today’s mulch is filled with synthetic dyes, weed seedlings, trash, and debris that can harm your plants growth. K&B’s designer brown mulch, on the other hand, uses environmentally friendly dye and only uses wood from our managed timberland locations. Our bags of mulch are not derived from salvaged pallets and other tampered lumber that is often used in the mulch industry. We are a top-class mulch supplier that never cuts corners and always provides the best mulch possible.

K&B’s designer brown mulch can also be purchased from retailers such as Home Depot, Walmart, Menards, Ace Hardware, True Value, HyVee, and more. Our mulch packaging uses UV ray inhibitors that prevent breakdown and keep your mulch fade free. Stability of our product is important to us. We make sure our customers can depend on K&B Landscape Supplies to produce designer brown mulch that has the same color and consistency, over and over again.

Along with K&B’s designer brown much, there are also other types of mulch available such as:

K&B’s designer brown mulch is available separately bagged or in bulk. We offer delivery of these mulches throughout the Central Florida area, no matter how large the job is. Orders can be placed anytime through our website’s Contact Us page or by phone at 386-734-3553.