Cypress Mulch Blend

Our Cypress Mulch Blend is a hybrid Cypress combined with Pine and Red Bay wood. This product is widely popular due to its durability and other significant benefits including:

• Insect repulsion
• Ability to tangle together and stay in place
• Additional nutrients for plants
• Moisture retention
• Weed growth prevention

K&B Landscape Supplies, Inc. uses only the finest quality timber in the Cypress Mulch Blend, no matter if it’s in bulk or individually bagged. Our timberlands are managed and protected so that your mulch will never have weed seedlings or other fragments of harmful material.

Consistency of our Wholesale Cypress Mulch is of utmost importance. We produce 20,000 bags of mulch per day and aim to create every bag identical to the next. We realize having the same colors and chip sizes are important to the aesthetics of your residence, therefore, we overlook nothing.

Along with Cypress Mulch, K&B also provides Top Soil and Potting soil to finish off your landscape project. Deliveries of these landscape supplies are made across the Central Florida area and can be ordered through our contact us page or by phone at 386-734-3553.