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When doing landscaping work, there aren’t many things more frustrating than running out of mulch mid-flowerbed. At the same time, having a huge pile left over when you’re finished is both an annoyance and a waste of money. Just by taking a few simple measurements, our mulch calculator helps you easily determine how many cubic yards of mulch you need for your project.

In order to accurately determine how much mulch you need, you need to measure the dimensions of your flowerbed. Square footage is determined by measuring the length and width of an area – simple if your flowerbed is a perfect square, which is rarely the case. When measuring an irregularly shaped bed, imagine a box around it and take your measurements that way. It’s always better to estimate a little bit high so you have complete coverage.

After measuring the length and width of your flowerbed, you need to ask yourself how deep you want the mulch to be. Here are two good guidelines to help you out:

  • For a bed with existing mulch, add an inch of mulch coverage
  • For a brand new bed with no existing mulch, two to three inches of mulch will provide adequate coverage

Once you have these measurements, simply plug the numbers into our convenient mulch calculator to find out exactly how many cubic yards you need to complete your job! Give K&B Mulch a call today at 386-734-3553 to schedule a delivery of our top quality mulch for your next project.