How Mulch Helps Keep Your Lawn Healthy

Everyone loves a beautiful lawn, but getting your yard to live up to its potential can be difficult. Mulch may just be the best thing for your lawn’s growth. From limiting weeds to encouraging healthy plants, it’s the best all-around solution to many of your lawn care issues.

Here are the top reasons you should be using mulch in your lawn:

  • Controls Moisture
    Mulch has long been touted as a solution for areas with limited moisture options. In fact, anyone looking for a way to cut down on watering times will appreciate the moisture control properties of this valuable material.
  • Blocks Weeds
    No one wants to spend all day pulling and cutting pesky weeds. Mulch presents a dedicated barrier against those unwanted visitors. Keeping a well-maintained covering of mulch around your most high-risk areas can eliminate the opportunity for weeds to grow, and the need to use harmful pesticides.
  • Preserves Grass
    When seeding new lawns, it’s generally recommended that a thin layer of mulch be scattered on top. The purpose of the mulch is to hold moisture to keep the seeds from drying out
  • Promotes Plant Growth
    Plants, as well as trees, love having mulch around their base. Much of its appeal comes from a combination of an ability to provide everything greenery needs to survive, including root covering, moisture enhancement, and even pest control options.

Your Mulching Needs

Mulch is changing the way we view yard maintenance. It’s versatility and unwavering structure makes this organic choice a must-have for every lawn.

At K&B, we take mulch seriously because “Mulch is what we do best”.

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