Choosing the right topsoil for your garden is as important as the difference between flowers that bloom or flowers that die due to the lack of nutrients.
Fail to pick a good soil and all your hard labor might turn to have been for nothing. Continue reading »

4 Reasons Why Mulch Matters

If you are someone who cares deeply for their plants and shrubs, you may want to look into mulching.
If your plants are mulched, you already know some of the many benefits of having mulch rather than loose soil.Aside from supporting your plants, mulch can also add a pop of color to your yard that soil could not. Continue reading »

Potting Soil

Potting soil is crucial for healthy, vibrant houseplants. This medium provides one of the three essentials for growing your flora – sunlight, water, and nutritious soil. More-delicate plants need specific soil conditions, and the right potting mix can ensure you’re feeding them properly. Continue reading »