Top Quality Mulch Products Delivered

Isn’t it so much more convenient to have mulch products delivered to you, rather than having to go out and pick them up yourself? You don’t have to worry about whether the supplies will fit in your vehicle, having to spend extra money on gas, or getting lost looking for the location.

At K&B Landscape Supplies, Inc., we not only offer top quality mulch products but also help to alleviate any of the stress that may be associated with getting your mulch products, by delivering our products to you.

Are There Minimum Ordering Requirements?

We supply our wholesale mulch products to local, statewide, and national markets. However, because we are a wholesale supply company, we do have minimum ordering requirements for our products to be delivered.

The following wholesale quantities are for local area deliveries only. For “short loads” and split delivery loads, call for more information.

  • 100 cubic yards of loose bulk products
  • 18 pallet minimum – 24 pallet maximum bagged products

Where and Who Does K&B Supply?

Where: We generally serve East Central Florida inclusive to Jacksonville, South to Palm Bay, West to Lakeland, and most locations in between.

Who: Local landscape nurseries, landscape contractors, theme parks, municipalities, homeowners associations, apartment complexes, etc.

We Welcome Your Business

We have over 20 years of experience in high capacity mulch manufacturing facilities, which allows us to produce the best materials at the most competitive prices. K&B mulches are currently being sold at major retailers such as Home Depot, Walmart, Ace Hardware, Menards, Hy-Vee, FIS Outdoors, etc. both locally and through brokerage firms in the Mid-Western United States.

For any questions regarding wholesale deliveries of K&B products, or to place an order for delivery, please contact us online, by email, or by calling 386-734-3553.

The Difference Between Topsoil and Potting Soil

What Is Topsoil?

Topsoil is the soil that can be found on the surface of the earth. As a result, the term central florida soilencompasses a wide range of soil with a wide range of properties, meaning that people who are interested in buying topsoil need to pay close attention to what is contained within it. Generally speaking, they can expect a mix of sand with organic materials such as compost, manure, rice hulls, and wood fines.

What Is Potting Soil?

Potting soil has much more standardized formulation because it is meant for a single purpose, which is to say, help potted plants thrive. This means that potting soil must be able to drain well so that potted plants can get sufficient air, though it also needs to be able to hold onto both water and nutrients to an extent. Regardless, the shared purpose of potting soil means that it tends to consist of peat moss mixed with other organic materials.

What Is the Difference Between Topsoil and Potting Soil?

In summary, topsoil and potting soil are meant for planting under separate sets of circumstances. The first is meant for use when planting in the ground, whereas the second is meant for use when planting in a container, which should explain their respective names. As a result, topsoil tends to be heavier and more capable of holding onto moisture, whereas potting soil tends to be lighter and better when it comes to drainage. Moreover, it is important to note that topsoil is not sterile, meaning that it can contain unwanted seeds that are not killed in the production process because such a procedure would kill beneficial microorganisms as well. In contrast, the potting soil tends to be sterile because it is not made of the same things that can be found in a normal garden.

Contact Us

Those who want to learn more about topsoil, potting soil, and other gardening products should contact us at their earliest convenience. By becoming informed, they can make sure to provide their plants with the best conditions to ensure the best results. K & B Landscaping only sells soil in pallets. Call us today at 386-734-3553 with any questions.

Wood Mulch vs. Rubber: Which is Best for you?

Choices in mulch seem nearly endless these days. From different types of wood, to gravel, to fully synthetic rubber options, there’s something out there to suit any taste. One of the most common questions we get is whether to go with a natural or a synthetic mulch. It serves two purposes, to be both functional and decorative. At K&B, we always recommend wood mulch, as it offers a number of benefits that other alternatives simply can’t match.

Advantages of Wood

Being that wood mulch is natural, they have an added benefit of providing your plants and soil with additional nutrients over time. As the wood slowly breaks down in the elements, they release essential nutrients into the soil which enhances its fertility, helping your plants thrive. Once the mulch decomposes to the point of exposing the topsoil, simply use a tiller and work it into the soil to complete the decomposition.

Wood mulch is available in a number of different colors, sizes, and textures to suit any landscaping theme. They enhance the look of your home while protecting your property from weeds and excessive water evaporation. Wood mulch is also a great value in that they are resistant to wind erosion because of their weight.

Disadvantages of Synthetics

One of the biggest issues we have with rubber mulch is that it does not enhance the quality of the soil in the way that wood does. Think of rubber mulch as a cover for your topsoil, letting very little in or out – including important nutrients. Because many rubber mulches are made from repurposed rubber from other industries, it can contain heavy metals which can work their way into the soil, potentially poisoning surrounding plants. If you do have rubber mulch on your property, it is imperative that you periodically check to ensure the health of your plants is not being compromised.

Petroleum is a major component in many rubber products, which makes it a potential fire hazard. If using rubber mulch, keep it away from your home to avoid issues.

At K&B Mulch, we offer only the finest wood chip mulch in the area so you know that you’re getting a quality product that will keep your home looking great for a long time to come. Contact us today at 386-734-3553 with any questions.

4 Tips for Landscaping Your Business

Curb appeal is just as important with business properties as it is with homes. If the outside of your business looks less than inviting, customers may pass you by, thinking your attention to your landscaping reflects on your attention to business.

However, if you’re like most business owners and managers, you don’t want to expend a lot of resources, both in time and money, on landscaping and away from your core business. That’s why it’s important to make the most of the time and money you spend on your commercial landscaping.

Tips for Improving Your Commercial Landscaping

  1. Choose perennial plants over annuals. While annual plants like petunias and impatiens can give your beds quick color, they have to be replaced every year and require daily watering. Better to choose perennial plants that will return bigger and stronger each year and require less watering.
  2. Mulch your garden beds. Mulch, whether cypress fibers or pine bark nuggets, adds a professional look to your landscaping. It also helps to prevent weeds from taking over your beds, while helping your soil and plants to thrive.
  3. Opt for native plants. Even though exotic plants from overseas can be intriguing to visitors, plants that are native to Florida will fare better and require less maintenance than plants from other regions.
  4. Be kind to the environment. Organic gardening can save you money. Consider collecting rainwater to use on your beds and saving grass clippings to improve your flower beds.

To learn more about how to make your commercial landscaping look its best with minimum maintenance, contact K&B Landscape Supplies at 386-734-3553. We’ve been helping companies like yours with their landscaping and mulch needs for more than 30 years.

Tips for Improved Mulch Maintenance

Adding mulch to your landscape not only makes them look more attractive, but it can help improve your soil and make it healthier for plants, as well as keep weeds at bay.
There are a variety mulch types available ranging from pure timber mulch to exotic mulch made from products like cocoa shells, though keeping it simple and clean is the best bet for a healthy landscape.

Make Your Mulch Last Longer

Depending on how large your landscaped property is, mulching your entire property many times a year can become costly and time-consuming. The good news is that there are many ways to extend the life of your mulch, such as:

  • Apply mulch in the spring. Applying mulch to your landscape in the spring, after the ground has begun to warm, helps your mulch last longer since you’ll avoid the harsh winter weather.
  • Opt for timber mulch. Timber mulch increases durability, resistance against insects, and helps keep weeds from growing in your garden beds.
    Using a pure timber blend, such as K&B Landscape Supplies provides, also ensures you are not adding chemicals, debris, or trash into your soil.

When to Replace Your Mulch

How often you should replace your mulch depends on your climate, what type of mulch you use, how thickly you apply your mulch, and even how much you work in your garden. However, there are a couple of good indicators that it’s time to lay down a new layer of mulch.

  • Weeds are becoming more of a problem. One of the primary benefits of using mulch is that it acts as a weed barrier. If you’re finding more and more weeds popping up, it’s probably time to invest in more mulch.
  • You notice signs of decomposition. If you are using a wood mulch, you’ll see signs of the mulch naturally breaking down. These include thin white lines in the mulch as well as bare spots in your garden beds.

If you are looking to replace the mulch at your home or building, consider K&B Landscape Supplies. With more than 30 years in the business, we offer insight, impeccable customer service, and the industry’s top quality products. To learn more about how mulch can make your landscaping beds healthier, contact K&B online or at 386-734-3553.