When & why should I use mulch?

Generally, it is best to mulch prior to the freeze of winter & again, just before the heat of summer. This assists with moisture retention in the summer & with root protection in the winter. Mulch naturally breaks down over time & nourishes the plant life it protects. Also, Cypress mulch is well known as a natural insect resistant wood fiber.

Why should I use K & B’s mulch?

K & B produces Top Quality mulches in our industry, Certified by the Mulch & Soil Council. We use only virgin cypress, pine & red bay wood materials derived from managed timberland sites. NO land clearing debris, no recycled pallet materials, & absolutely no noxious weeds- ie: melaleuca. With K & B products, you know exactly what is in your mulch. Absolutely No chemicals, nails, miscellaneous debris, or potential weed seedlings.

Where & who does K & B supply?

We are a wholesale supplier of Top Quality mulches. We generally service the East Central Florida region, inclusive of Jacksonville south to Palm Bay & west to Lakeland, & most locales in between. We supply many local landscape nurseries, landscape contractors, theme parks, municipalities, homeowner associations, apartment complexes, etc. For a referral to landscape nurseries & contractors that use K & B’s Top Quality mulches, feel free to call us @ #386-734-3553.

How much mulch do I need to buy to have K & B deliver product to me?

K & B ships wholesale commercial quantities only. This translates to 100 cubic yards of bulk products, or 18 pallets, or more of bagged products. Otherwise, we can assist you with a referral to retailers that carry K & B products.

Can I order a variety of products to be delivered on one shipment?

Absolutely. Our bagged mulches are shipped by the pallet. You can mix & match these any way you prefer. (However, our loose bulk products can’t be mixed for delivery.)

How many cubic yards are on a pallet of mulch, or soil?

Depending on the type of product you order, our pallets are 5 – 6 cubic yards each.

Do you have forklift offload service?

Yes, we offer forklift offloading for a minimal fee.

How much does a cubic yard cover?

10′ X 10′ @ 3″ depth

What is the recommended depth for mulch coverage?

For the best moisture retention & weed control, we recommend no less than 3″ depth for coverage area.

Is your mulch colorant safe for the environment?

Yes. K & B utilizes a water-based dye that will not harm the environment.